Friday, October 8, 2021

October Sketch Meet at The Bakken Museum on Sunday 10/17 from 12-3pm

 Hello Urban Sketchers Twin Cities members!

This month's sketch meet will take place at The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis on Sunday 10/17 from 12 to 3pm.
1. We’ll meet at the visitor entry of the museum. Please plan to arrive between 11.50-12.30pm so we can enter about the same time. The Bakken Museum is generous enough to waive entry fees for our group but any donation is greatly appreciated by the museum.
3. At 2:45pm, we’ll gather at the same area to share our work and take a group photo.
4. If you are planning to join this sketch meet, please comment on this post so we can get a head count estimate.
5. Visit for more info about the museum.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Photo Credit: The Bakken Museum


  1. This looks fun. My daughter, Ani, and I plan on attending.


    1. I'm sorry, something came up for us and we won't be in attendance this afternoon. I hope it goes well for everyone!

  2. Hello - I'm new to Urban Sketchers and will be attending. :-)


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