Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prom Time in Saint Paul

While bicycling Saturday past Irvine Park in Saint Paul, Roberta and I saw a bunch of prom-goers and their family and friends taking photos. We stopped and sketched.

My sketch

Roberta's sketch

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uganda Trip - part 1

A year ago, I leaped at the chance to visit Uganda while my brother spent the better part of year there on a research fellowship. What a trip! Shall we take a trip down memory lane together to see some sketches from my travels? With many sketches to share, I'll take this in several posts (unless you cry uncle and beg for something newer and a bit more local!). Click on any image to enlarge and see other sketches from the trip on my Flickr page.

First up, a map I sketched while waiting for the first leg of my flight. Uganda covers an area approximate 10% larger than Minnesota.

Our first stop were the lush Entebbe Botanical Gardens on Lake Victoria.

This daytrip offered us our first primate sightings (beyond humans, of course!). Black-faced vervets and black and white colobus monkeys. The vervet babies were squeal-worthy adorable and the colobus were shy tree-dwellers.

Moving into the city, we spent a day in the heart of downtown Kampala. It's a city of nearly 2 million people that swells to over four million each day as people flock into the city for jobs and opportunities. Needless to say, the traffic is incredible. Watching and sketching one of the two taxi parks in the city was overwhelming and awesome in its shear scale. I managed to capture a small slice of the action.

The market stalls and businesses offering myriad services for people coming into and out of the city lined the edges of the taxi park.

After the frenetic action of the taxi park my family retreated to the quiet grounds of a nearby temple, from which I sketched a Sikh temple visible in the distance.

It was an eventful and exciting start to the trip! Stay tuned as our merry party heads off on safari.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A visit to New Orleans

I was in New Orleans recently and I took sketch bag just in case! (I take it everywhere just in case)

Most of these are while waiting for food. The carousel bar literally spins at a slow 14 minute rotation. 

This was a very very fast sketch and
Paint while standing in a crowd. 

This just had to be sketched. 

Our dinner view of the roof of the Cats Meow building

I hope you enjoyed these. I certainly did

James Nutt

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bicycling & Sketching

Last week, Roberta and I rode our Brompton Bikes on a "pastry run" from Minneapolis to Hopkins sponsored by the awesome folks at Calhoun Cycle. The ride was part of festivities for 30 Days of Bicycling. We had a lot of fun and we did a little sketching. I did a sketch using colored pencils on a roll of Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch paper I bought at Wet Paint. Roberta used watercolor pencils on Cartiera Magnani Annigoni watercolor paper.

It was a lot of fun. For more about our bicycling and sketching adventures, read this Strib  article and  listen to this MPR Pedal Hub podcast.

Click on the sketches to make them bigger:

Roberta & I at The Depot in Hopkins.

Roberta's sketch in Hopkins.

My big sketch of the ride.


More detail.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Family Traditions

We're a bit past the holiday hubbub, but I thought it still worth sharing about a family holiday tradition. Each year, the Hallberg Family gathers to make Swedish potato sausage. Each family brings the supplies to make enough sausage to feed their branch of the family at Christmas. This year we made over 100 pounds of sausage in three hours. While the sausage making is the ostensible goal of the gathering, the annual opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with other branches of the family is just as treasured.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Solstice Sketching on the Green Line

Roberta and I got some media attention recently in The Line and on Minnpost about our travel sketching. We really like sketching people on buses and trains. It's a good ways to study people and record the latest fashions and cell phone technology.

The Metro Transit Green Line has been operating for nearly six months and has been very successful  attracting passengers which makes it awesome for sketching. Roberta and I took the Green Line to Minneapolis yesterday and did some sketching of fellow passengers. I also did a quick sketch on the way back of a rare fare check by Metro Transit's Finest keeping passengers honest.

Roberta's sketch.
My sketch.
My sketch .

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The folks at Urban Sketchers Central sent this my way...

 Seattle, WA, 06 December 2014 – Urban, a non-profit organization, is celebrating its fifth anniversary since incorporating on December 6, 2009. Its mission is topromote on-location sketching and to connect people around the world who enjoy urbansketching. Wildly successful, the international community of urban sketchers is estimated at 50,000+ and almost 14 million page views on the Urban Sketchers (USk) blog. 

Seattle-based journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario launched the group in 2007 by creating an online community of urban sketches on Sketchers scan their drawings and share them on the group’s Flickr siteFacebook page or blog. The idea went viral. So far communities of sketchers have formed 60 regional chapters in 29 countries. 

"Urban Sketchers is growing because sketchers are finding each other where they live and travel.” says Membership Director, Jessie Chapman. “Members are building relationships and communities with people who share the same interests, both online and at our events."   

USk raises the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing with workshops and events held all around the world. USk has organized five international symposiums in Portland, USA; Lisbon, Portugal; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Barcelona, Spain and Paraty, Brazil. 
The 2015 Symposium will be held in Singapore July 22-25. Organizers expect 250+ attendees from around the world. “Artists of all ages and skill levels have stories to tell,” says founder Gabi Campanario. “UrbanSketchers is a free group that provides a platform for them to renew their love of drawing and to learn more about storytelling.”  
To find out more about Urban Sketchers or to locate a regional chapter near you, USk is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. Donations are used to foster educational opportunities for sketching enthusiasts with workshops, events and symposiums. Donations made in the United States may be tax deductible. 
To add yourself to the map, go to this link and follow the instructions (Note: You'll need to sign in with your Google account first.)