Friday, May 13, 2016

Reminder: The Awesome Midtown Greenway Sketch-Out is This Sunday!

Many of my friends are artists and many of my friends are cyclists and some of my friends are both. The upcoming Twin Cities Urban Sketcher sketch-out on the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis  is an opportunity for urban sketchers and urban cyclists to enjoy each other's company. One thing urban cyclists and urban sketchers share is we enjoy the urban experience in an unhurried manner. We both explore the urban environment in a pleasant and convivial manner.

This sketch-out is not limited to bicyclists. The Greenway has a path for people who prefer to walk. For those who would prefer to stay in one place, there is plenty to sketch at the Midtown Global Market where we will all end up to look at each other's work at 3 PM. There is also a great deal to sketch within walking distance of the Midtown Global Market on Lake Street and the Midtown Global Market.

Bicyclists will of course, be able to range further from the Midtown Global Market. The Greenway stretches from Uptown to the Mississippi River. There is much to sketch in the neighborhoods along the way and on the Greenway itself. There's the iconic Martin Sabo Bridge and Lake Calhoun and there are lots and lots of cyclists (the Freewheel Bike Center is a good place to get a cup of coffee and sketch the passing parade).

For safety sake, find a place to sketch out of the way of bicyclists, walkers and joggers. Please do not trespass on private property, especially railroad tracks.

If you are a cyclist, please stop and say hello if you see a sketcher.

We meet 3 PM at the middle of the Midtown Global Market (where Salty Tart is). For non-bicyclists there's plenty to sketch inside the market. In case of rain, we all sketch in the market.

Midtown Greenway Sketch-Out
Sunday at 11 AM - 3 PM
Forecast: 46–63° Mostly Sunny

Salty Tart, Midtown Global Market.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bell Museum Sketchathon

As the Bell Museum prepares to move to its new home on the UMN St. Paul campus, there has been a flurry of sketching activity and events to document the museum's current home in Minneapolis. One of these events is the Sketchathon, an all night event where a sketcher can have a field day (or field night, as it were!) capturing the amazing dioramas without crowds or the pressure of closing time. My goal is to sketch all of the smaller dioramas around the perimeter of the museum.
20160415 Bell Museum - Greater Prairie Chicken
I started with the Prairie Chickens. My father tells a story that Walter Breckenridge, the creator/builder of this diorama, used to visit the Sausen family farm to draw the prairie chickens. I'm not even sure if this happened during my father's childhood or earlier in the 20th century. No matter the time, the story of the prairie chickens is one of the many tiny ways I feel connected to this museum.
20160415 Bell Museum - Lark Sparrow

20160415 Bell Museum - Wood Duck

20160415 Bell Museum - Gray Partridge

Monday, April 25, 2016

The 1st Brazilian Urban Sketching Symposium

This past 4 days were amazing: meeting old and new friends to draw together in the streets of Curitiba, state of Paraná, in Brazil.
The organizers did such a great job planning and administrating the event (not an easy task): most of the meetings were in walking distance, excellent choices to draw in all of them and the city is welcoming and warm with its perfect weather. After each full day of work we met at traditional spots to relax, mingle and try the city's excellent food.
But it was surprising to see the amount of participants, way more than expected, and such amazing experience to draw with over 250 people! Sketchers  from all over Brazil, including the presence of some international members.
Such energy is contagious, I met a brand new sketchers at the M.O.N. museum who saw us on tv and wanted to participate. She is 86 years old. I also met our youngest member:a 5 year old following her mom in every meeting. 
I am going home happy and excited about the International Symposium in Manchester, in July. Can't wait!
                                      All participants in Curitiba! 

 First day sketching together- Praça 29 de Março- Friday, April 22 am

                                Largo da Ordem- Friday, April 22 pm

Saturday, April 23rd in the morning at Jardim Botânico

     And in the afternoon, we sketched at the Paço Municipal & Rua das Flores
             The final event at the MON Museum- project by Oscar Niemeyer 
The gorgeous photos were taken by the amazing photographers Ari Lopes da Rosa and Washington Takeuchi. 
I am grateful to be part of this amazing trip! Thank you #uskbrasil2016 !!!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

May Sketch-Out Will Be Midtown Global Market May 15

Sunday, May 15 from 11 AM - 3 PM.

A sketch-out for bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike. Bicyclists can choose any spot along the MIdtown Greenway to sketch. We meet 3 PM in the middle of the Midtown Global Market (where Salty Tart is). For non-bicyclists there's plenty to sketch inside the market. If it rains, we all sketch in the market.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Awesome Sketch-Out at Saint Anthony Main

The weather was nearly perfect for sketching yesterday at Saint Anthony Main.  Here we are with our sketches. To view more sketches, go to the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers Facebook Page.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April TC Urban Sketchers Sketch-Out is Saturday April 16th at Saint Anthony Main

Thanks all of you for coming to the March reboot of the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers group. Some folks asked to have more outdoor sketch-outs. Now that the weather is getting warmer, we're going to take a chance and have our next, 3rd Saturday of the month sketch-out at Saint Anthony Main in Minneapolis (link). This is a good spot to sketch the Mississippi River and the Saint Anthony Falls from Excel Energy Water Park. There is a good urban streetscape and lots of people walking, sitting in restaurants and cafes. The forecast looks good for the 16th, partly cloudy with a high in the upper 60's.
You can arrive anytime and we will gather in front of the entrance to the Excel Energy Park across the way from the movie theater (see map).
I will also be giving away (while supplies last) hand-stamped on recycled cardboard Twin Cities Urban Sketchers blog address cards (see below) so sketchers will have something to give to people who say "where can I see your stuff?"
If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sketchout at the Union Depot

Following up on Ken's great recap post on the "reboot" of the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers regional chapter, here are my sketches from the afternoon.
Daniel is my go-to model for a doodle or warm-up sketch.

Urban Sketchers Twin Cities sketchout @danieljverde @uniondepot #urbansketchers #urbansketcherstwincities @amtrak

And just across the street from Union Depot, the sunlight in this alley was irresistible.
Light and shadow in #lowertown #stpaul #alley #urbansketcherstwincities #urbansketchers #pleinair

See you sketchers this Sunday, 3 April, for the MetroSketchers outing at the American Swedish Institute or April 16th for the next USk Twin Cities outing at St. Anthony Main Street.
To add yourself to the map, go to this link and follow the instructions (Note: You'll need to sign in with your Google account first.)