Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Noon  - 3:00pm

Let's meet at the Main Entrance by the Third Avenue South, at the lobby area by noon (the lobby connecting the Children's Theater to the MIA) And again at the same place at 3 pm for sharing the artwork and take photos together. Time for some fun. All welcome.

The general admission is free, however, you must follow the rules for sketching:

INDOORS: Be sure to bring a lapboard or clipboard and use either lead or colored pencils. Also, please keep from using the floors, walls, or pedestals as support for sketching. While in the galleries and packing up to leave, please carry your materials carefully. No wet media, pen or ink allowed in the galleries

OUTDOORS: There is a lot to sketch outside of the museum as well, bring a stool
And then let's get together after the sketch out and decide where to meet for drinks and socializing
It will be really fun, see you all there!

Parking directions:
The main entrance to Mia is located on Third Avenue South between 24th and 25th streets. The parking ramp is just south of the museum between 25th and 26th Streets. Additional surface parking is located at the corner of the 24th Street and Third Avenue South, and at the corner of 25th Street and Third Avenue South. There are also meters for street parking. 

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 Third Avenue South, 
Minneapolis MN 55404

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