Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uganda Trip - part 1

A year ago, I leaped at the chance to visit Uganda while my brother spent the better part of year there on a research fellowship. What a trip! Shall we take a trip down memory lane together to see some sketches from my travels? With many sketches to share, I'll take this in several posts (unless you cry uncle and beg for something newer and a bit more local!). Click on any image to enlarge and see other sketches from the trip on my Flickr page.

First up, a map I sketched while waiting for the first leg of my flight. Uganda covers an area approximate 10% larger than Minnesota.

Our first stop were the lush Entebbe Botanical Gardens on Lake Victoria.

This daytrip offered us our first primate sightings (beyond humans, of course!). Black-faced vervets and black and white colobus monkeys. The vervet babies were squeal-worthy adorable and the colobus were shy tree-dwellers.

Moving into the city, we spent a day in the heart of downtown Kampala. It's a city of nearly 2 million people that swells to over four million each day as people flock into the city for jobs and opportunities. Needless to say, the traffic is incredible. Watching and sketching one of the two taxi parks in the city was overwhelming and awesome in its shear scale. I managed to capture a small slice of the action.

The market stalls and businesses offering myriad services for people coming into and out of the city lined the edges of the taxi park.

After the frenetic action of the taxi park my family retreated to the quiet grounds of a nearby temple, from which I sketched a Sikh temple visible in the distance.

It was an eventful and exciting start to the trip! Stay tuned as our merry party heads off on safari.

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  1. Amber, I love seeing these sketches. The monkeys are great fun, that taxi park incredible. Can't wait to see more of these.


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