Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sketching the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra

The Minneapolis Pops Orchestra is great orchestra and great fun too. It's also a lot of fun to sketch the orchestra.The orchestra mostly perform at the bandshell on Lake Harriet (also fun to sketch). I recently had an opportunity to sketch the orchestra as it rehearsed in the morning and later on that evening at the bandshell. Roberta joined me and did a sketch too (as always, click on the sketches to make them bigger):

Rehearsal with some of the musicians.

Mostly Maestro with some musicians.

Roberta's sketch later at the bandshell.

Sketch from my small journal of other building.

Always fun to sketch people.
I spotted a little kid gazing at the artwork I did for the Pops Orchestra's t-shirt - no time to sketch so I took a photo (I know it breaks the rules, but hey it's a cute photo!):

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