Sketches of Flooding in Saint Paul (Part Three)

The river has crested at 20.13 feet yesterday, but still remains very high for several days. It wasn't a big disaster since Saint Paul neighborhoods along the river were removed long ago. Here's a sketch of one of those neighborhoods "The Upper Levee" Roberta did a while back for a restaurant menu:

We watched and sketched as the familiar landscape changed from land to water. Roberta caught a cold, so she was unable to sketch more than one scene. Here are the sketches we did over the last few days (click on the sketches to make them bigger):

Access to Shepard and Warner Road was blocked off by sand bags and big orange pumps were stationed to pump water out of drains back into the river. This is Roberta's sketch:

I sketch the same scene with more emphasis on the clutter of signs and infrastructure:

The river looked real nasty from the Robert Street Bridge with lots of whirlpools and eddies that were mesmerizing to watch:

Sketches from my small journal showing the river rising on Raspberry Island from the Wabasha Bridge: