Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mill City Farmers Market

Seattle Urban Sketcher Tina Koyama reached out to ask if anyone wanted to go sketching while she is visiting the Twin Cities. Of course we want to go out sketching! So this morning a small group met to sketch at the Mill City Farmers Market. It's a vibrant spot with food, flowers, musicians, and plenty of people. We had a great time sketching and talking up the loveliness of the Twin Cities with our new sketching friend.

l to r: danielthegreen, patty scott, tina koyama, jodi masanz larson, amber sausen

20130817 MPLS USk at Mill City Farmers Market flowers
flowers, vegetables, and people. sketch by amber

20130817 MPLS USk at Mill City Farmers Market Loon Organics
the produce and ladies at Loon Organics. sketch by amber

20130817 MPLS USk at Mill City Farmers Market 2
sketch sharing 1

20130817 MPLS USk at Mill City Farmers Market 1
sketch sharing 2


  1. Thanks for coming out to sketch with me! I had a great time! Be sure to look up the Seattle Urban Sketchers if you're ever in Seattle!

    - Tina

  2. How great that Tina reached out and sketched with all of you. Looks like you had a great day. It is great that the Urban Sketchers are such a welcoming group. In NYC we've had people from France, Spain, Thailand, and Seattle visit and sketch with us.

  3. oh my goodness! I love this! So glad you did sketches of one of my absolute favorite spots in all of Minneapolis!

  4. Hey urban sketchers! You all are so cool! I love what you do! Can I lure you with the promise of chocolate and caramel to sketch at an event in the tiny village of Marine on St. Croix, Minn on Oct. 19? It's a very casual and offbeat and free event called Caramelpalooza. Please tell me how to reach you best! Thanks. --Robyn (the chocolatier at St. Croix Chocolate Company 651-433-1400 or

  5. I recommend attending Caramelpalooza, you can sample great caramel creations and amble through lovely Marine. And one should not pass up an offer of confection from St Croix Chocolate Company! Robyn, I'm assuming you'll have the petting zoo again? that's ANIMALS, sketchers!


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