Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sketching Today in Lowertown - Naturalization Ceremony and Colleen and Bradley Radio Show at the Union Depot

People say I'm really cynical and crabby and it's true.

A good cure for chronic crabbiness is to take in a naturalization ceremony like I did today at the Warren Burger Courthouse in St. Paul. Magistrate Judge Jeanne J. Graham administered the oath to about 2 dozen new U.S. citizens from 13 countries and gave a very moving speech about what it means to be an American. And yeah, I got all sappy and teary, but I mannaged to do a pretty good sketch of the proceedings. I left the courthouse feeling proud to be an American and all the freedoms we have.

Earlier in the day, I sketched Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor of the "Colleen and Bradley Show" (MyTalk 107.1) exercising those good 'ol American  freedoms by dishing dirt about celebrities on the radio, totally live from the Union Depot. Try doing that in North Korea or Uzbekistan!

 Click on the sketches to make them bigger:

 Naturalization ceremony.

"Colleen and Bradley Show"

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