Monday, November 12, 2012

While this isn't quite the Twin Cities, I was recently at a White Bear Lake business meeting (The St Paul Saints owner spoke...really interesting) and they called White Bear the "Epicenter of the Twin Cities" so I guess this counts. The epicenter might be stretching it, but they have a wonderful square, a beautiful lake, and I keep thinking about sketching these things but don't. So I did. What is funny about this sketch is I circled the block three times. Found this perfect spot, pulled in backward,  then this huge truck pulled in next to me...I am being kind in the sketch, and then I sketched for about 30 min.  Noticing I had lost track of time I threw sky in.  If you look close you can see that I threw too much in.  Started the car, and nothing.  I had killed my battery.  Turned out to be a low battery that just wanted a drink of water from the bar I had just painted.  I plan to do a lot more around the square and area.  This was on a moleskin watercolor log book with my altoid paint kit.


  1. Great sketch! As the Admin of this blog, I rule that White Bear Lake is in the Twin Cities. Hope you can make it to Depot Sketch-Out.

  2. Great sketch James. I admire your fluid style and confident composition. The story behind the sketch adds to the enjoyment of seeing your drawing. Fun!


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