Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Topping Out The Frame on the Central Corridor LRT Barn in St. Paul

Another milestone in the construction of the Central Corridor LRT. I was lucky to be around when a big crane hoisted a girder on the front of the facility at the end of the line at Prince and Broadway in St. Paul's Lowertown area.

The intersection is blocked off to auto traffic, but it's less of a hassle to navigate the construction zone on foot or by bike.  Please remember there are businesses at that intersection like the AZ Gallery, Tampopo and the Black Dog cafe and give them your support. 

(click on the sketch to make it bigger)


  1. Ken, love this. They were tearing down the buildings near where Grandma's was (10th and whatever that small street Sgt. Preston's is on) yesterday and I almost called you to give you a heads up, But then I remembered you have plenty of construction all around you. I want to know more about that tree!

  2. Great sketch Ken — Such energy and strength in composition from much destruction; then celebration in a small tree! Love it. Jeanne

  3. I kind of wonder if you are enjoying the construction/destruction too much! I see real energy and joy in your sketches. Chaos is part of building (I know, you should be in the trailer answering questions as the architect) and your sketches catch it but make it look fun!!


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