Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fourth Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out

UPDATE: Roz sent me this wonderful group photo:

In spite of weather reports predicting thunderstorms, a sizable bunch of artists came to the State Fair yesterday for the fourth annual MN State Fair Sketch Out. The sketchers fanned out across the fairgrounds sketching food, animals, farm implements and people. We met in our usual place between the Food Building and the Ag/Hort building for show and tell. I snapped some photos with my new camera, which I am still getting used to. Some of the photos below are in black & white when they should have been in color. If one of those photos is yours, please send me a scan or photo to replace it - send to ken(dot)avidor(at)

As always, click on the sketch to make it bigger.

Roz starts the show & tell:

James Nutt

Karen Engebretsen

Kathleen Richert


Langhan Dee


Lisa Marie Greenly


Liz Carlson


Lisa Ridolfi


Marty Harris


Patty Scott


Ruth Smith


Stacy Stanley


Susan Fuller


Suzanne Hughs



Tom Winterstein

Ken Avidor

 Cathy Kehrwald


  1. thanks for posting these Ken. Your corn eating page is inspired.

  2. Thanks, Ken, for publishing the group. What a great view of the Minnesota State Fair!

  3. Ken, thank you for your work in doing all this. It's so great to see again what everyone did. If others send in links to where they have posted I'll do a follow up post with additional links.

  4. Way to go Twin Cities sketchers! Having lived in Mpls many many years ago and of course attended the Fair, it was great to get a repeat visit through your drawings.

  5. How awesome! It is always so great to see what catches the eye of all of the sketchers.

  6. Greetings from Madison, Wi. Great sketches everyone! I love your photo; You look like a motley crew and a great group at the same time; that's sketchers for ya. When I retire coming to the fair is on my list so maybe I will see you there in a couple years. Our local sketching group is called Draw:Madison; your group and blog give us give us something to aspire to. Very impressive!


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