Sunday, October 2, 2011

Metro Sketchers Sketch at the Stone Arch Bridge

The Metro Sketchers (Facebook page here) met again at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. It was a great day to sketch - warm temperatures, bright sun at the low, autumnal angle that makes interesting shadows. The sketchers did very well, here's the results (click to make the sketches bigger):

Virginia McBride and her big sketch of the bridge:

Virginia McBride's smaller sketch using a Pentel Pocket Brush pen:

Tom Winterstein's sketches - bridge and mushroom:

Tom demonstrating his unique monopod sketching easel:

Tim Jennen's watercolor sketch of smokestacks:

Paul Spencer's sketch of the silos:

Angela Spencer's vivid pastel sketch of the stacks:

Liz Carlson's sketch of the Pillsbury Flour building (and finger):

My sketches in my big journal of the bridge and stuff seen from the bridge:

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