Friday, February 4, 2011

Video: Sketching at the Bell Museum 1/3/11

Okay... it's a sketch of a sandhill crane. Not very urban, you say?

But, it's really a sketch of a painting by Francis Lee Jaques at the Bell Museum on the campus of the University of MInnesota in Minneapolis during last night's Bell Museum's "Sketch Nights"

Roz Stendahl (Roz Wound Up blog) explains what it's all about in this video:


  1. Ken I don't know how you managed to edit those little sentences into this whole, but I love it. It's great fun to see the work different people did. What a great record of February's sketch night.

    p.s. The post title says January (i.e., 1). I'm not used to the new year yet either!


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