Friday, January 28, 2011

A Fun Day Sketching in St. Paul

I dropped in to the Landmark Center yesterday to see the Schubert Club's museum. The museum guide was giving me a tour. Two musicians Daniel Velasco (flute) and his accompanist Aram Arakelyan were also n the tour and the guide gave Arakelyan (rare) permission to play the piano Brahms played on. Of course, I sketched the rare occasion (click on the sketch to make it bigger):

I also sketched the museum's tornado of musical instruments sculpture:

The Gallery of Wood Art was having a having an opening. Lou the Photo Guy " was photographing the event and posed for a sketch:

Here's Lou's photo of me sketching the musical tornado:

It's Winter Carnival time in St. Paul and the "visiting nobility" was whooping it up at the Landmark Center. I did a quick sketch:

Outside, the ice sculptors in Rice Park were putting the finishing touches on their frozen creations as TV news crews captured all the sparkly splendor of the frozen artworks:

I met up with the cartoonists from the Black Hat Collective and the Minnesota Opera Tempo folks who were sponsoring the Comic Artists Night at the Opera! sketch-out. We grazed on hors d'oeuvres at Pazzaluna and then headed over to the Ordway.

There's a good photo of the cartoonists (Kevin Cannon in the foreground) sketching in the dark with book lights at Max Sparber's review of "Mary Stuart" at MinnPost. It's a good opera, go see it. also check out the fun stuff Tempo has planned for this weekend for opera fans.

It was not easy sketching the opera, but I had a lot of fun and I got a some good sketches in my big Cachet journal:

See more sketches of the opera by at the Big Time Attic blog and the Lupiloops blog.

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  1. Ken, these are fantastic, I feel as if I had been along. Very productive outings. I love seeing what you pick up and put in your speech balloons! Roz


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