The Biggest Snow Pile in Minneapolis

The snow keeps falling, the snow piles keep growing and we keep sketching them.

WCCO's Jason DeRusha had a Good Question report about a top-secret snow dump in MInneapolis:

At our homes and on our streets, the snow is piled up big time. However, in some spots, the snow has already disappeared. In the dark of night, dump trucks of snow are being carted away to mysterious locations, so where is the snow going?

"We've got a site that we'll take our snow to," cryptically answered Mike Kennedy, director of public works for the city of Minneapolis.

"A snow dump is worth a lot of money. It's worth gold. It's white gold," he laughed.

Minneapolis has a large lot that has snow piled three stories high. It's in an industrial area of town, surrounded by a locked fence.

Watch the report at

I got a tip about the location of the humongous snow pile and I think I found it.

Jason DeRusha wouldn't reveal the secret location of the enormous snow pile and I won't say where it is either... just post the sketch I made this morning (it was cold, but worth it).

Click on the sketch to make it bigger.


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