Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A splendid afternoon along the River.

This picture was drawn below Main Street along the river, by Pracna. I'm sure that some of you have been down there. What a splendid day it was. Among other sweet distractions, there was a guy up the path playing bag pipes for a while.

Thanks for the invitation.


  1. Thanks. I assume that you have been down there.

  2. Mary, I love the range of tones you get with your bush work. This is simply lovely! How fun to have a bagpipe soundtrack!

  3. Marty, I'm sorry I left the "t" out of your name. I know you know I know how to spell it.

  4. And I'm sorry that I didn't check back sooner. Thank you for your comments j-rat. I look forward to more afternoons like that.


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