Views of the Como Conservatory

Above: Liz Carlson's sketch of the Como Conservatory. Mixed media (Nexus, Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens, watercolor washes), in a Canson ringbound, landscape watercolor journal (7 x 9-3/4 inch page).

Today I went out to Como Conservatory and Zoo with BFF Liz (I have to refer to her that way, we have a contractual obligation). We sat on a bench near the entrance and sketched the Conservatory Dome before entering the zoo (it's what Liz selected—later I would select several birds of course). One of the great things about going out to sketch with friends is that you get to see their perception of the same item you are looking at and sketching. We were both on the same bench, the same distance away from the Conservatory. It was a cool and overcast day (52 degrees Fahrenheit) but it didn't rain until we were leaving the zoo at 4 o'clock.

Below: My sketch of the the Como Conservatory Dome. (I was actually focusing on the tree at the right!) I borrowed Liz's Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (mine was inadvertently left on my desk) and I used a Niji waterbrush and gouache. (I have to stop sharing my journal with people—I felt compelled to write down the circumstances under which I wrote my rambling note so students who might read my journal wouldn't really think this mattered to me. Let's just say I was finished sketching—and had plenty of time to sit and heckle Liz. I'm lippy.) My page spread is approx. 11-1/4 x 9 inches and there is a piece of thin Japanese paper glued down the center of the spread, extending about 2 inches on to each page. (I like to collage things on my journal pages.) I did get to use a bit of my Schmincke Gold Calligrapher's Gouache on the round ball at the top of the dome.


  1. "Tilt 90 degrees to see Madonna's bra." LOL! Nice work, Roz and Liz. Wish I had a BFF to sketch with! Regretful envy. I shall henceforth consider that I am my own BFF. I feel better already!

  2. Kim, Being your own BFF is of course the best route to go! There's less work meshing schedules.


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