Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MInnesota State Fair Video and Sketches

Here's video of our sketch-out at the Minnesota State Fair:

Roz Stendahl tells the tale at her blog of our first MN State Fair Sketch-Out:

It was a great day: sunny, a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a light breeze but no windiness to toss up the dust. Ten sketchers showed up at our first meeting (12:30) with sketches in hand (everyone arrived on their own schedule). After about 40 minutes of chatting and sharing sketches we adjourned to the Poultry and Cattle Barns where we continued to sketch, and where Ken caught some sketchers on video. At 5 p.m. we reconvened for "debriefing" about how the day had gone. Everyone had great work to share and fun encounters to recount.

Here's some sketches... I'll be adding more. As always, click on the sketches to make them bigger.

Delores Steinlicht's sketch of chickens (and people looking at chickens):

Here's Roberta Avidor sketching the grooming of a sheep:

Here's Roberta's finished sketch:

Roberta sketched one of the State Fair's eateries ( that's me on the other page):

Roberta's sketch of a cow:

Ken Avidor (that's me) sketched the horticultural building (and skyride):

...piglets feeding: piglet in my journal:

David Zimmerman's sketch of a chicken:

David Zimmerman's sketch of sheep:

Laura Schmieg's sketch of tired fairgoers:

Laura Schmieg's sketch of a band:

Roz Stendahl did a great job organizing the sketch-out at the fair (see more of Roz's sketches at her blog). Here's Roz's sketch of a goose:

...and a cow:

... and a chicken:

Laurice Wade's sketch of cows:

Laurice Wade sketched more cows (and someone cleaning up):

Carol Malkinson's sketch of Cow:

Carol's sketch of a goose:

We're missing some sketches from one or two particiapants, so I'll update the post if I get them soon.

UPDATE: Marty Harris couldn't join us for the MN State Fair sketch-out , but he sent these wonderful sketches he did on Friday. Marty has more at Flickr:


  1. I am a sad dad that didn't get to join you. When freelance calls.....
    It looks like I'll be able to make it to The Fair on Friday, solo unfortunately. Please feel welcome to post you art on Flickr with the State Fair Art group, . Just me so far. Not much of a group without you.

    Maybe one or two of you will be drawing again on Friday. I will have my eyes open for sketchers. Congratulations, again, on your wonderful event.

  2. You are all amazingly talented! Beautiful drawings!


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