Friday, September 18, 2009

Donating Blood at the Memorial Blood Center Dwntn Mpls

I donated blood yesterday at Memorial Blood Center's downtown Mpls office in the Roanoke Building, 109 7th Street South.

I sketched in my journal while a pint of my blood drained into the bag. Earlier this year, I sketched my arm with the the bag in the background. The two sketches give an idea of how its done. I encourage everyone to donate blood.

As always, click on the sketch to make it bigger


  1. Only you Ken! I love it. I should have taken you with me to the dermatologist yesterday! Or I should have come and video-taped you sketching as you were giving blood!

  2. Nice work. The tubes coming out of the blood bag look like veins. The bag looks like an organ that's been ripped out of a body. Eww. Everything you draw looks like it's living. Or at least recently alive.

  3. wow, do you actually tell them to take from your left arm, so you can draw with your right?

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