Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Witch's Hat from another Angle

Above is my version of the Witch's Hat in Prospect Park. I spent some time today with friends at the Textile Center and Cupcake and the architectural bits store (all on University Ave.). We'd driven together, but they were headed off to Stillwater so I walked down the hill towards home. As I was passing the Witch's Hat I thought about Ken and Roberta being here in my neighborhood so recently. I haven't drawn this local landmark for some time. I stopped at the corner of Malcolm and University and looked up. It's like doing a virtual sketch out with them. The Avidors may get me to draw more buildings, but there's still that problem of fitting things on the page—not really a witch's hat without the point! (Happily the angry skies passed the moment I resumed my walk home.)


  1. Wow, that's good... and in 90 degree heat!

    Now we got 3 sketches of the Witch's Hat. There's another great water-tower in Tangletown in South Minneapolis... y'know with the knights?

  2. I LIKE the fact you don't have the point on there-- kind of lets the mind fill in the rest. And it's the mirror image of mine---you must've been on the other side of the park. We did ours from Pratt School playground, 7:45 am last Sunday.


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