Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Highly Caffeinated View From Dunn Brothers on Lake Street and Bryant Avenue

Roberta and I spent an hour or two cooling off and sketching in the Dunn Bros. on Lake and Bryant. Across the way was Bryant Lake Bowl and in between, lots and lots of cars. I used a trick that Gabi Campanario uses in his sketches... I cut away the part of the car that was in the way of the bike rack that looks like falling bowling bins. Making cars partially invisible is a solution to including them in a sketch. The urban American landscape is full of cars and I think it's a mistake to leave them out of a sketch... but, you don't have to draw the entire car.

While we were sketching, a caped delivery man from Galactic Pizza drove up in an electric car. Click to make the sketch bigger:

UPDATE: Roberta's busy, so I'll post her sketch:

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