Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bike Art IV at the Altered Esthetics Gallery

Altered Esthetics had an opening for their always excellent, annual bicycle art show last night. It was really nice out, so I sketched the Malt-o-Meal elevator across the way with bikes in front hooked up to a sculpture:

This is a sketch of a fun sculpture:

(Click pictures to make them bigger)

Here's a video preview of the show:


  1. really cool to see the video too, love the first sketch

  2. Thanks, Gabi. You can smell the Malt O Meal from where the gallery is.

    Loved your Link LRT sketches.

  3. Ken, I didn't know about the opening. Clearly I'm on the wrong gallery lists! I loved seeing the video and of course your sketches! Let me know the next time your work is in a show!


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