Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Food Ways Exhibition at MCAD

Hello Twin Cities USK Community

EVENT: Twin Cities Urban Sketchers has been invited to exhibit @ MCAD for an upcoming show called, FOOD WAYS. Local Urban Sketchers in the Twin Cities may submit 1 to 3 pieces each ( as space is limited), portraying food as the main theme.  MCAD will be scanning your chosen pages and curating this exhibition.

The deadline to submit artwork is April 28th, 2018.

Cris, Archie, and Pam will collect the sketchbooks to be presented to MCAD.- Please indicate 1-3 of your favorite “food themed” sketches to be considered.

EXHIBIT DATES: June 8th to Aug 13th 

OPENING: June 8th 6 pm - 9 pm Let’s represent!
COMMUNITY DATE: community event pending, sometime in July which will include a writer and a critic.

MCAD will provide a form for artists to fill out with Artist info and sketchbook details. This paperwork must be included with submissions. Stay tuned. High res scans provided for the exhibit, produced by MCAD will become the property of the artist. 

DISPLAY SPACE: Is limited to 2 walls and one free-standing lockbox
Wall 1: 12ft wide by 11ft high
Wall 2: 10ft wide by 11 ft high
Sketchbook glass display case: 3 to 5 sketchbooks ( the original books)  and 20 to 40 pieces of scanned work will be selected for the final exhibit 
All the work will be selected/ curated by MCAD 

(Will be insured, artists that display their original books, will need to exhibit the original sketchbook until the end of August) Others will be retrieved before the show by Pam, Archie or Cris.

Let's all participate!!!


  1. Where do I submit to this then? MCAD? By April 28th?
    Thanks ahead for the info.

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