Sunday, January 8, 2017

Our January 21, 2017 Sketch Out: Pavek Broadcasting Museum

UPDATE: This month's sketch out for Saturday, January 21 to the Pavek Broadcasting Museum has been CANCELLED

Too many of the members wrote in with regrets saying that due to the warmer than seasonal weather expected for Saturday they were sketching outside at other events—including the political events related to the presidential inauguration.

We will make plans to visit the Pavek as a group in the 2017-18 Winter season.

Next month we will be sketching outside for our "Winter Sketching" event and we'll hope we have a good weather day for that as well.

Original post follows:

We will at an indoor location. We'll be taking a trip into broadcasting history as we sketch at the Pavek Broadcasting Museum in St. Louis Park. (See link for address.)

This museum attempts to preserve and document the history of the broadcast technologies that have played such a large part in U.S. History in the 20th century. There is antique equipment as well as vintage graphics. If you're alive today radio and television have impacted your life in some way and now you'll get to see how that was possible!

There is a $7.00 admissions fee. Parking is free.

The museum welcomes us with only one request—that we work in pencil, color pencil, or pen and ink. No dusty, dry media like chalk, and no watercolor.

As is usual for a museum, no food or drink is allowed.

They have given us permission to bring our small camp stools and set up out of traffic patterns, so people who enjoy working while seated, go ahead and bring your collapsible seating.

We will meet from 12 noon until 4 p.m., on January 21. We'll have a sketchbook throw down after we sketch so that we can see what everyone got down on paper.

People interested in extending their sketch day can reconvene for snacks or a meal at one of the local eateries (I have a couple I can suggest).

Come and join in the fun on January 21!

Coming up: On the third weekend in February we will be doing some outside winter sketching, so be sure to stay tuned for information on that.

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  1. Looking forward this outing! Way to find a cool place, Roz.


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