Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Sketchout - Bell Museum

On December 31st, the Bell Museum will close in order to prepare for their move to their new building. Let's take one last trip to this art deco beauty before it closes. The sketching opportunities at the Bell are wide-ranging: large dioramas, small dioramas, architecture, objects large and small in the Touch and See room, and people all over.  
Porcupine and baby #diorama! This was my last sketch at the @bellmuseum sketchathon (about 2am). I somehow thought a furry / spiky creature would be a simple sketch to end on. Ha! Delightful challenge. #urbansketchers #urbansketcherstwincities #porcupine
Sketch by Amber Sausen @ambersausen

Sunday 18 December at 12:00-4:00 at the Bell Museum. We'll meet and greet in the Touch and See room at noon. 

Bell Museum admission is free on Sundays.

At 4pm we'll meet in the main lobby for a show and tell of the day's sketches and a group photo. If people are interested, we'll walk to somewhere nearby afterward for a snack and socializing. (November's post-sketching outing to eat and continue sketching at Como Dockside was a delight!)
Sketch by Daniel Green @danieljverde

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