Saturday, September 10, 2016

September Sketchcrawl on the Green Line Light Rail

Edited to change the location of our show and tell to Lake Monster Brewing from Surly due to a large event being held there on the 24th.

The Urban Sketchers Twin Cities September sketchcrawl will celebrate the Green Line light rail line between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

The Green Line light rail line connects the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Running through myriad neighborhoods and business districts, it joins sports venues to restaurants to neighborhoods to state governance. This our opportunity to capture the vibrant places along the line, it's unique and art-enhanced stations, and to sketch people as they use this newest addition to our light rail network. 

Saturday 24 September at noon. Choose your starting point -- either meet Ken Avidor at the Union Depot 
station or meet Amber Sausen at the Target Field station. 

The two groups (Minneapolis and St. Paul) will sketch at their respective ends of the line and then jump aboard at approximately 12:30. Ride the entire length of the line or jump on and off to sketch at stations. This will be a free form outing.

Riding the light rail costs $2.25 and a ticket is valid for 2.5 hours. Tickets are available for purchase at each station. (Keep your ticket with you after purchase; transit police may ask you to show your ticket or GoTo card at any time)

At 3:30 we'll meet at Surly Brewing Lake Monster Brewing to share our sketches and socialize. The closest stations to walk from are Prospect Park and Westgate is Raymond Avenue. You do not need to be 21 to enter the venue, but you'll need an ID if you choose to purchase beer. If you arrive late, just look for the group with a table full of sketchbooks!
See you on the 24th, sketchers! If you can't find us, call Amber at 612- eight one two-5014.


  1. Sounds like fun! Sure wish I could join you!

    - Tina

    1. We all wish you could be here too. It was so great to see you at the State Fair!

  2. Looking forward to another stellar sketch-out. Hope it's a sunny/partly cloudy day.

  3. Note the change where we are meeting Lake Monster!

  4. Also, if anyone wants to sketch Green Line trains with me, I'm thinking of being out front of Union Depot an hour early (11 AM).

  5. Great idea, Ken! Hmmm, hope I can make it early. Not my usual style.🙄

  6. Good day sketchers! I am new to the practice, is this event open to anyone?

    Thanks, Susan S.


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