Monday, April 25, 2016

The 1st Brazilian Urban Sketching Symposium

This past 4 days were amazing: meeting old and new friends to draw together in the streets of Curitiba, state of Paraná, in Brazil.
The organizers did such a great job planning and administrating the event (not an easy task): most of the meetings were in walking distance, excellent choices to draw in all of them and the city is welcoming and warm with its perfect weather. After each full day of work we met at traditional spots to relax, mingle and try the city's excellent food.
But it was surprising to see the amount of participants, way more than expected, and such amazing experience to draw with over 250 people! Sketchers  from all over Brazil, including the presence of some international members.
Such energy is contagious, I met a brand new sketchers at the M.O.N. museum who saw us on tv and wanted to participate. She is 86 years old. I also met our youngest member:a 5 year old following her mom in every meeting. 
I am going home happy and excited about the International Symposium in Manchester, in July. Can't wait!
                                      All participants in Curitiba! 

 First day sketching together- Praça 29 de Março- Friday, April 22 am

                                Largo da Ordem- Friday, April 22 pm

Saturday, April 23rd in the morning at Jardim Botânico

     And in the afternoon, we sketched at the Paço Municipal & Rua das Flores
             The final event at the MON Museum- project by Oscar Niemeyer 
The gorgeous photos were taken by the amazing photographers Ari Lopes da Rosa and Washington Takeuchi. 
I am grateful to be part of this amazing trip! Thank you #uskbrasil2016 !!!


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