Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter Sketching in Saint Paul

It's late February and there's a hint of Spring in the air. But, it's likely we'll be sketching indoors for a a few more months. Roberta and I were traveling and sketching in warmer climes a few weeks back and and a week before that I was sketching on Amtrak en route to New York. Since then, we've been very busy catching up on work and projects, so not much sketching besides last week's MetroSketchers sketch-out at the Saint Paul downtown Library and this week's Vice Presidential visit to Union Depot. Here's some of those sketches. As always, click on the sketches to make them bigger:

District Energy from the Downtown Library.
Roberta's awesome sketch of Vice President Joe Biden.
Roberta's did this sketch waiting to get in to see the Veep.
After all that waiting, Joe Biden arrived and left, leaving me with a sketch.
Not a great likeness of the Veep, but close enough for being in the back row.

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