Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ballet at the Union Depot

Ballet  Minnesota  performed  "Black Dog Café, a contemporary ballet depicting life at this long-standing and popular coffee shop, an anchor tenant of Lowertown" today in the waiting room of the Union Depot. Roberta and I saw (and sketched) the performance which really did evoke the awesomeness of the Black Dog. Here's the sketches (click on the sketches to make them bigger):

Roberta's sketch of the dancers in the waiting room.

My sketch of Flamenco dancer "La Tarara"

The set really looked like the Black Dog.

Smoke machine and more dancers.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Ken! On behalf of Ballet Minnesota we wanted thank you for your wonderful sketches of 'The Black Dog Cafe'. I wanted to see if it was alright to post your work onto our social media? And.also wondering if these sketches were to purchase?


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