Monday, September 8, 2014

Sketching at CHS Field, Lowertown, Saint Paul

I had some fun this morning sketching on the construction site of the ballpark under construction on the eastern edge of Lowertown in Saint Paul. There was a media event to announce the naming of the ballpark - "CHS Field" with a jazz band and the Saint Paul Saints mascot Mudonna cavorting amidst the dust and din of workers finishing what is shaping up to look like an awesome stadium. Roberta and  I had fun sketching the Saints at Midway Stadium this year.

I had enough time to sketch the event and some of the construction before the skies darkened and rain arrived. I was able to finish the sketch inside a construction trailer with a nice view (thanks Ryan Company!). I am soooooo looking forward to sketching at the ballpark next year.

Click on the sketches to make them bigger:

Musicians, construction workers and a big purple pig.
The  awesome Mike Veeck, Prez & owner of the Saints.

Mudonna & me sketching.

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