Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sketching President Obama at the Union Depot in Saint Paul.

Roberta and I were lucky to sketch President Obama today. The POTUS was giving a speech about transportation and jobs. People lined up for free tickets Monday and there was a huge, enthusiastic crowd today.

We were able to sit and sketch, but we had a enormous, bright light shining in our eyes the whole time - next time I'll pack a hat with a visor.

Click on the sketches to make them bigger:

Monday, people lined up for tickets.
Here's my sketch of the POTUS in the waiting room today.
Quick sketch of the President speaking.

Roberta's sketch of the POTUS speaking.


  1. I love all the sketches, you both really captured a sense of the space and the crowd. More enjoyable for me than being in the crowd. Did you have any trouble coming and going from your home? Did you get special passes?

  2. Yup. I don't think too many people have had the POTUS give a speech downstairs in their living room. We had general admission tickets and we got there early, way early. I will be writing a Sunday Sketch post in the near future for about sketching events like this - stay tuned.


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