Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Local Media Beginning to Notice Twin Cities Urban Sketchers Movement

Yup, we Twin Cities urban sketchers are apparently a "thing".

Awesome fellow TC urban sketcher Amber Sausen beat me to it, posting a link to Sheila Regan's awesome City Pages Dressing Room blog post titled "Ken Avidor on the urban sketching movement". Thanks, Amber.

But, I'd like to add some some more info about the sketching scene here in MPLS/STP for folks who'd are dropping in from that article because there is always more stuff that could be useful and hopefully of interest to rookie urban sketchers.

 The article mentions this blog being the local franchise of the worldwide Urban Sketcher blog and that the TC Urban Sketchers aren't the only gang in town, there's the Metrosketchers, a Facebook group that has regular, monthly sketch-outs. The folks behind Metrosketchers are local legends Tim Jennen and Liz Carlson (see below sketch of Tim and Liz). Tim and Liz are super-talented artists besides being awesome sketch-out organizers and they also have a gesture drawing co-op, also on Facebook.

Liz & Tim at the Como Conservatory.

Another awesome, local legend is Roz Stendahl, my personal art guru (see sketch of Roz below). Roz has an amazing blog that has incredibly detailed information about art supplies, the nuts and bolts of sketching outdoors,journaling and other stuff. Roz has led the annual Minnesota State Fair sketch-out. Roz, until recently hosted the MCBA Journal Collective, a great place to learn all kinds of stuff. The amazing Suzanne Hughes has taken the reins of the MCBA Journal Collective - find them on Facebook.

Roz is totally prepared for the rigors of sketching at the MN State Fair.

There will be more  opportunity to celebrate our burgeoning urban sketchers movement when we have our art show in September. Details to be announced next month - stay tuned.


To add yourself to the map, go to this link and follow the instructions (Note: You'll need to sign in with your Google account first.)