Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sketching with the Twin Cities Sketchers

A highlight of my recent visit to the Twin Cities was joining the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers for a sketchout last Saturday morning at the Mill City Farmers Market. Amber, Daniel, Jodi and Patty welcomed me warmly, and Daniel turned out to be a familiar face – we had been in a workshop together in Barcelona! Amber, too, had been at the Barcelona symposium, but our paths didn’t cross until we gathered on the steps of the Guthrie Theater.
Usually at farmers markets, I like to sketch street musicians, face painters or other people working at the market. But since I was in the heart of Minneapolis, I used the vantage point of the Guthrie steps to sketch two bridges crossing over the Mississippi River and some of the skyline, including the iconic Pillsbury’s sign.
In keeping with the milling heritage of the area, I turned 90 degrees, looked straight up, and sketched the Gold Medal Flour sign, another icon, still atop the former flour mill building that now houses the Mill City Museum (a fascinating place that I toured last year).
My thanks to Amber, Daniel, Jodi and Patty for a memorable sketchout! It’s terrific to be part of the huge network of Urban Sketchers. If you’re ever in Seattle, please join me and the rest of the Seattle Urban Sketchers! (And thanks also to Ken Avidor for inviting me to post my sketches here.)
- By visiting blogger Tina Koyama, Seattle


  1. So glad were could sketch together and meet/meet again after Barcelona. I hope the rest of your trip was as fun as the sketching!

  2. Great sketches. What a wonderful group!


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