Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sketching in West St. Paul West Side of St. Paul

We biked over the Wabasha Bridge and had breakfast at Grumpie Steve's.  Fortified with waffles and coffee, we biked up the hill on Ohio Street (whew!). We continued to bike along South Cherokee Avenue and found a spot to sketch the view of Pickerel Lake looking west. After finishing our sketches, we biked to Jerabek's Bakery for soup (and pastries). After lunch we biked to Lilydale park. Lots of stuff to sketch there.

Click the sketches to make them bigger:

Roberta's sketch.

Ken's sketch.

Ken & journal in front of Pickerel Lake.


  1. Fantastic sketches and skyline map! Glad you got to the West Side. Did you go in the cave? At Jerabek's you were two blocks from where I grew up. If you pedaled up the Ohio Hill you are stronger than anyone I know.

  2. Well, we didn't make it up Ohio hill without stopping a couple times. Also I just learned that the correct name is "West Side" - sorry if I offended any Westsiders!

  3. You can get to West St Paul from the West Side. You may unknowingly cross over, so be careful.

  4. LOVE the sketches as always from you two! My legs ache just thinking about Ohio St hill. Jerebeks is a favorite bike route stop for B and me too. Nothing better than soaking up sunshine on a bike with a sketchbook on your back.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day, especially the pastries, I mean the sketching opportunities! Your and Roberta's sketches are great.


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