Friday, March 15, 2013

Hill of Snow

near Lake Hiawatha, Minneapolis, MN
This was another case of being in a warm car to paint the hillside filled with snow.  As I began this sketch the car radio was on and the announcer excitedly stated that white smoke had appeared at the Vatican and the crowds were thrilled so I decided to listen while I was working.  I believe that I had just about finished by the time Francis I actually came out to the balcony and they were able to know the identity of the new pope.  Meanwhile in Iran they were announcing that the new pope's name is Habemus Papam.  I read that later, on line of course, since I don't read the Iran papers.  Translations are one of our big challenges.  But whenever I look at this sketch in the future I'll probably be remembering the remarks of the people in Rome.  Maybe next time I'll turn the radio off, since one of my goals is to be present to the moment in the location.  It was however kind of fun to feel like I was hearing a bit of history, as it was happening.  Time will tell how this all plays out in the future.

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