Friday, December 7, 2012

Visit the Urban Sketchers Table at the Union Depot Opening December 8th

Attention Sketchers and Sketch Fans!

Here's the plan - either Roberta or I will be at the Urban Sketchers table in the Concourse of the Union Depot.  Please drop by with your sketches before 3 PM so I can take a photo  of your best sketch for the blog.

If you have to before 3 PM, drop by and I'll take a photo.

There's going to be heap of activities (event guide and transit pass - PDF) and stuff to sketch (dancers! raptors! Snoopy!).

Here's a few photos we took this morning:

Urban Sketchers in the Concourse

The Concourse

Historic Slideshows!

Still LIfe of Old Travel Stuff

One of the Views of River and Rails


  1. Have fun tomorrow in that gorgeous space! I have to miss the gig but I'll be there in spirit. Look forward to the sketches!


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