Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sketching at the Ordway - "Chicago"

Roberta and I have only been residents of Lowertown for a couple weeks and we're having a lot of fun here. Last night we biked over to the Ordway to see the musical "Chicago".

 It's a story about wicked women driven by jazz, sex and booze to commit homicide. The 1975 musical carries the creative stamp of Bob Fosse, so naturally, there's lots of singing and dancing and "all that jazz" played by a great orchestra.

Bert sketched some of the theater-goers before the show and during intermission (click on the sketches to make them bigger):

I sketched the outside of the Ordway before the show, leaving the nighttime coloring for after the show:

I was unable to sketch the show during the performance, so I sketched some of it from memory:

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