Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twin Cities Jazz Fest

The annual Twin Cities Jazz Fest gets bigger every year with music everywhere. Even Saint Paul (which has a reputation of rolling up the streets at 5pm) is full of energy and great music which starts early in the day and continues well into the night. I happened upon this great group of musicians during my lunch hour at the library. They were belting out tunes with no librarian to shhush them! I had only a few minutes to capture a few of them as they were about to finish.

Amsterdam Bar & Hall was alive with jazz on a Friday night right after work. Great sounds and chatter all around. Small stories being played out around me - the girl at the bar shared a lollipop with her beer and a very friendly bartender.


  1. Jeanne, thanks for commenting on USK led to my discovering your delightful work. I love this! It has a looseness and sense of freedom I aspire to. I look forward to keeping up with your sketches, and maybe crossing paths at a symposium one day.


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