Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Years Ago... The Minnesota 2000 Journal Project

The description of the project at the Minnesota Historical Society website:

The journals use various forms of media, from photographs to watercolors to fabric and plastic. They cover a number of topics from gardening, bird watching, and vacations to surgery, jobs, and the 2000 presidential election. Also included is a commerative book that documents the project.

The Minnesota 2000 Journal Project was conceived in 1998 by Linda S. Koutsky. With the help of Mark Odegard, Roslyn Stendahl, and Eloise Klein the project was organized in December of 1999. Journal keepers were tasked with reflecting on "the obstacles and opportunities, celebrations and concerns, and paths explored, on their journey through the year 2000." The project's goal was to record daily life in Minnesota for the year 2000.

Before the Journal Project, I kept separate sketchbooks and written journals. Linda Koutsky and Roz Stendahl encouraged me to combine the two for the project and I've been doing it every year since. I take my journal everywhere and record and document as much as I can.

Journals are a handy thing to have when you can't remember stuff... and that happens to me a lot more now!


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