Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Sketchout is STILL ON!

The Art Shanty Project sketchout is still on for this weekend. We've been in touch with the organizers, who assure us that there will still be programming happening this weekend.

Here are some fabulous winter sketching tips. You'll simply have to pretend that Minnesota is cold this winter.

February Sketchout - Art Shanty Project

Get ready for winter sketching! We're heading to the Arty Shanty Project. We'll be sketching the imaginative artist-designed ice shanties, bundled up people, and the snowy lake landscape. To help you prepare for a new adventure, there will be a small series of blog posts to help you get ready for outdoor winter sketching, with tips and tricks provided by experienced and enthusiastic winter sketchers.

photo by Slumber Party Shanty

"The origins of Art Shanty Projects comes from the inspiration provided by unique ice fishing houses and diverse communities that come together on Minnesota's frozen lakes each winter. Founders saw the potential to create an artists' happening in an extreme environment; to embrace and reinvent a beloved cultural practice; and to encourage personal expression and community engagement through temporary structures and performances. ... In the absence of codes and building restrictions, there is a frontier-like freedom encouraging personal expression and community engagement through temporary architecture." (

Saturday 18 February, 12:00-2:00 at the Art Shanty Project on White Bear Lake.
If you are interested in carpooling to White Bear Lake, we can make arrangements via the FB Urban Sketchers Twin Cities group or via email (amber [at]


At 2pm we'll meet up at the Welcome Shanty to share our sketches.

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