Thursday, January 19, 2017

The January Sketch Out Has Been Cancelled

Due to all the "regrets" we were getting for our sketching event on January 21, 2017 we decided to cancel.

Several members were going to go to the Capitol and do reportage at the rallies related to the inauguration. (No one has made arrangements to meet and make this an event—people are going individually.)

Other members have written to say that because the weather is going to be so warm they will be doing outside activities with their families.

We have made our regrets to the Pavek Broadcasting Museum. We will add that site to our winter 2017-18 list of indoor locations.

Please accept our apologies for any convenience this may cause you.

If you are out creating reportage or doing Urban Sketching outside elsewhere this weekend please write a post about your adventures or post on the Facebook page.

We will meet again on the third weekend of February for our "Winter Sketching" meeting which will take place at an outdoor location. See you then.

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