Saturday, November 16, 2013

Previous South Beach Miami Trip

Previous Miami Trip....

I was in Miami Beach in August (trying to get the same permit) and got a lot more sketches on the first trip and thought I would share them here as "Part 1" to my last post. I had previously posted these images and descriptions on my personal blog with a few more sketches.  The "Clevelander" with the big blue disk is the same location as the previous post.

Channeling my inner Dave Worfel from the sketchers group I drew a plane detail from my window. Pencil underlay, Staedler Permanent Lumocolor Fine pen, my travel gouache set.
On my first night in South Beach I walked up and down looking for a good people watching and sketching place. This place, "The Clevelander" was just too awesome. I had to draw it. There were as many choices of what not to draw as what to emphasize. I wish my pad was taller, but I think I got the feel of the evening. Pencil underlay, Staedler Permanent Lumocolor Fine pen, my travel gouache set.
Sitting in the same place I tried a palm tree without resorting to lines. I am still working on this technique. My challenge is to make it look finished. I am not there yet, but this was fun.

On the second night I sketched at the restaurant the hotel I stayed was associated with. "The Quinn" was fun to sketch from and a good view. I had an appetizer of Ceviche to start and it wound up being a whole meal both is size and in price.  It also started raining like crazy and I was semi outside but didn't have to move. That was interesting. Pencil underlay, Staedler Permanent Lumocolor Fine pen, my travel gouache set.

On the flight home, Every Day Matters #3 was draw your wallet. Mine is worn out and fun to capture. This needs color put to it before I post it.  Pentel brush pen and Lexington grey Noodlers ink

If I am lucky I will get one more trip in...Such a great place to sketch - James Nutt

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