Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From the Barnes and Noble window on Nicollet Avenue

I haven't gotten the chance to do as much Urban Sketching lately. Today I had to wait to get an appointment and used some of the time (in between work phone calls and emails) to sketch from the great window of the Minneapolis downtown Barnes and Noble café.
Barnes and Noble has two great places to sketch, from this window and the chairs on the second floor. There is even a large stainless floor duct that serves as a low table for all of your supplies.
This is an iPad sketch using the ArtStudio app.
As you can see, while springtime is here, so are the jackets, hoods and hats!

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  1. Nice work, and on your IPAD! (I'm in the dark ages, technology speaking.)

    Where does one find information about Twin Cities Urban Sketchers, particularly about joining the field trip/group sketching excursions? (I am not on facebook, is there a website or blog that gives a schedule? Does one have to join/become a member somehow?


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