Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Snow Still Isn't Gone: Snow Pile at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Above is another snow pile sketch. We still have snow up here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but with the days warming we've also had some brilliantly sunny days and this has really melted the snow into interesting formations. On Monday, while driving past the Minnesota State Fairgrounds I saw this long lacy pile and realized if I didn't stop and sketch there soon wouldn't be any snow to sketch. That's the huge Collesium in the background, with a patch of blue sky peeking out at the top left of the page spread. It was a glorious day, and even though it was only in the 30s the sun was blindingly bright! Roz


  1. Wonderful sketch, Roz! Have you seen the giant snow pile on Energy Park Drive, next to Midway Stadium?

  2. No I haven't. I bet after today (70 degrees) it has to be gone!


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