Saturday, June 20, 2009

East River Flats

Thursday I took an evening walk along the Mississippi River to the East River Flats. When I got to the Flats there were students playing a pick-up game of soccer, a couple couples enjoying picnic dinners, and no Canada Geese. (I had come out in search of the new flock, which is greatly reduced because of new construction and new land use at the Flats.) (Click on the image to view an enlargement.)

I stood on the hill at the kiosk (note: not Kioski!), in the shade, feeling very hot and unhappy to not find geese. I noticed, looking down into the bowl that is the River Flats, that there were several nice views. So I sketched this view looking back towards the 94W/E bridge, which hides from view the Franklin Ave. Bridge. (Let's just say my would-be cars are trucks; but that person is to scale.)

I was sketching in a Moleskine soft-covered notebook because it was too hot to carry my large journal—especially when I didn't know if I would sketch or not. These little notebooks are about 3.5 x 5.5 inches and pamphlet stitched, with the pages in the back half all perforated. I use these booklets to scribble notes to myself that I then tear out and leave lying around, or to sketch in on days like this. I tore the page out and stuck it in my journal, over a piece of Canson Mi Tientes.


  1. Great sketch!

    Bert and I biked up the river today.

  2. Hey Gang! I need to be part of this! Please, please, please grant me access.


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